The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

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The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Grace Chon is a commercial photographer specializing in animals, lifestyle images, and celebrities with their pets. Her clients include ad agencies, magazines, publishing companies, non-profit organizations and TV shows. When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Grace likes to go hiking with her dogs, meditate, and grow organic heirloom tomatoes. She makes a mean guacamole (want to challenge her to a guac-off?) and really hates Comic Sans.

Editor’s Note: Grace is for real one of my favorite photographers and I highly recommend following her on Instagram or Facebook! Also? Her two dogs Maeby and Zoey are the cutest — read on to learn more about this dynamic duo!

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Names? Maeby and Zoey

Nicknames? Maeby: Mama, May May, Sweet Finkle. My husband came up with the last one and I couldn’t tell you why! Zoey: ZoZo

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Ages? Maeby is 12 and Zoey is 9.

Breeds? We think Maeby is a Whippet/Doberman mix and Zoey is a Formosan Mountain Dog mix.

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

What’s “The Scoop”? My boyfriend (now husband) was living in San Diego at the time, while I was in LA. I had been looking to adopt a dog and on a visit down to San Diego, found Maeby at a pet adoption fair. A woman would go down to Mexico and bring back street dogs to find them homes, and Maeby was one of those dogs. She is one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs I’ve ever met. A few months later, I was looking to adopt a second dog to complete our family. I came across Zoey as a 3 month old puppy on – but it turned out she was all the way in Taiwan! I found out that there’s a big homeless dog population in Taiwan, and an incredible rescue organization called Animal Rescue Team Taiwan saves street dogs and re-homes them in the US. I was thankfully chosen to be Zoey’s new guardian and went to LAX International Airport to pick her up in the summer of 2007.

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Favorite Toys? Maeby loves tennis balls and toys that dispense treats. Zoey loves anything that squeaks!

Favorite Food? Perhaps it’s because she was a street dog, but Maeby is NOT picky when it comes to food. She loves everything, and the stinkier the better. Zoey is really shy and used to be afraid to try new foods, believe it or not, especially fruit. Ever since she got her human baby brother, she’s become really brave and loves eating anything, even green vegetables. And I’m proud to say that she is now a fruit lover.

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Favorite place to sleep? Zoey loves sleeping in our bed and you can find her there all day. Maeby is my velcro dog and sleeps next to me while I work. I work from home so she’s never too far from me.

Pet Peeves? FIREWORKS! I wouldn’t call it a pet peeve. It’s more like “oh my God the world is ending and we need these to stop NOW.” I hate fireworks now as much as the dogs do!

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Best Trick? They both do an awesome “bang bang!” — they circle a few times and then roll over on their side.

Gear? Treats: Stella and Chewy’s, Plato

Food: Orijen

Collars: We love the waterproof collars from Dublin Dog

Beds and Toys: Jax and Bones

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

If your dogs were another animal what animal would that be? Maeby would be a whale — I call her my Buddha dog because she is so centered, balanced, and wise. I associate those qualities with whales too. Zoey would be a hummingbird. She is so joyful and lighthearted. She’s 9 but still acts like a puppy and her happiness is always such an instant mood lifter.

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

You’re a self-described “professional food whore”. Do your dogs share your foodie sensibilities? If they could create their own “dream menu”, what items or dishes would they choose? This is such a funny question, ha ha! Maeby eats like she’s a stoner — anything and everything tastes awesome. She would shovel food into her mouth like a Nathan’s hot dog contestant, if only she had opposable thumbs! Zoey definitely has more of a refined palate. She is much more discerning about what she eats. She actually takes the time to smell food and then decides whether or not she wants to eat it. She often spits food out after tasting it. Girlfriend won’t even drink from public water bowls. Her dream menu would probably be Wagyu steak with a side of grilled asparagus, uni toast, and a nice red wine to sip and savor.

The Scoop: Grace Chon, Maeby and Zoey

Thanks Grace, Maeby, and Zoey! See more of Grace’s fantastic animal and lifestyle photography at

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