Elevated Dog Beds by Cozy Cama

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Elevated Dog Beds by Cozy Cama

I don’t allow my dogs to sleep with us on the bed. Why? Well, clearly because I’m a terrible person. NO. It’s just that there are two adults, and two dogs, and it’s not a very large bed, and it’s just about the math of it all, really. If your dog has a hard time accepting having to spend his nights on the floor, though, perhaps an elevated dog bed from Cozy Cama would make him happy. They’re handmade to order from responsibly-sourced hardwood, and they’re cleverly designed to fit “human-sized” pillows – meaning you can use a standard pillow sham to “dress” your dog’s bed to match your decor or your mood. Check ’em out over at Cozy Cama.





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