Hanna Andersson Holiday Dog Johns

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hanna Andersson Holiday Dog Johns

If you’re totally not ready to think about holiday stuff yet because, like, it’s not even Halloween yet, I totally feel your pain. But I was in Target yesterday and they’re already stocking the shelves with red, gold, and green, so I guess we better admit it’s a losing battle. BUT! Kid-clothier extraordinaire Hanna Andersson makes their famous organic-cotton long johns in doggie sizes (called dog johns, obvi) featuring a variety of holiday-themed patterns, so maybe that makes it OK. Still not feeling the holiday spirit? Two words, guys: Star. Wars.


Check out the complete collection of dog johns over at Hanna Andersson.

Hanna-Andersson-dog-johns-stripes-2 Hanna-Andersson-dog-johns-stripes Hanna-Andersson-dog-johns-gnomes

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