Contemporary Pet Urns from Big Sky Urns

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Contemporary Pet Urns from Big Sky Urns

Losing a beloved companion animal is a devastating and, unfortunately, unavoidable experience — and choosing an appropriate vessel for their remains can feel like an impossible task. In a sea of hideous — and sometimes even tacky — pet urns, there is new company producing urns that honor the simple beauty of our pets’ lives: Big Sky Urns.

Contemporary Pet Urns from Big Sky Urns

Big Sky Urns‘ vessels look and function as a vase while having a hidden urn in the base. The vase is completely waterproof, allowing you to personalize it with a flower bouquet, plants, or keepsakes in remembrance of your beloved pet.

The cremation ashes go in a separate bottom vessel that is sealed off and protected from water in the top vase. The ashes are placed into the urn through a hole on the bottom. The urn is lined with a plastic bag and the hole is sealed with a rubber plug. This ensures the ashes are held safely when cleaning the vase or moving it around. The vase and urn are separated by a wooden collar, an aesthetic element bringing natural warmth into your home.

Big Sky Urns uses sustainably harvest wood, fabricated in their wood shop in Montana, and has partnered with Mudshark Studios out of Portland, Oregon, meaning these urns are 100% handmade in the United States. In addition, Big Sky Urns is part of 1% for the Planet, a charity organization that donates 1% of sales to nonprofit organizations.

Contemporary Pet Urns from Big Sky Urns

Currently, Big Sky is nearing the end of their Kickstarter campaign — check it out for early, backer-only pricing and give them the final push toward their $2000 goal.

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