Ohhio Braid Chunky Knit Dog Mats and Beds

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Ohhio Braid Chunky Knit Dog Mats and Beds

Last year we fell in love with (and promptly shared with you) Anna Mo’s chunky knit pet beds, and now we’re extra excited about what Anna’s design studio, Ohhio, has recently been up to. With the goal of creating a vegan product as soft as Merino wool, Ukraine-based Ohhio (pronounced oh-yo) has developed Ohhio Braid, a wool-free chunky yarn ideal for knitting soft, cozy braided pet beds and mats.


Ohhio Braid is a patent-pending craft material constructed of microfiber with a seamless cotton casing (think sausage). That means it’s soft, durable, machine-washable, and vegan. Ohhio launched a Kickstarter campaign to begin full production of Braid, and while their project has already been funded (yay!), their Kickstarter is still offering backers special deals on Braid mats, pet beds, and — for you DIY types — rolls of Braid in various colors, with tutorials for knitting your own chunky creations. Check out photos, videos, and more at Kickstarter and Ohhio.


ohhio-braid-chunky-knit-pet-beds-1  ohhio-braid-chunky-knit-pet-beds-4

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