Ask Frank: Shouldn’t the Bigger Dog Get the Bigger Bed?

Posted: December 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving Is Over


Dear Frank: Do you think Buffalo hats will ever come back in style? Our human loved them so much on Thanksgiving that he’s been making us wear them ever since… Thanksgiving is over!

Stuck With the Hat in Saginaw

Dear Stuck: Buffalo hats seem to be working pretty well for this guy. I think you’re good.

Mail Come From

Dear Frank: Where does mail come from?

Mail Lover in Memphis

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.



Dear Frank: My sister called “dibs” on the big bed, but I’m the bigger dog. Don’t you think it just makes more logistical sense that I get the big bed?

Anna in Vegas

Dear Anna: Sorry. Dibs is dibs.


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