“Pop!” Dog Bowls and Silicone Mats from Oré Pet

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Pop!” Dog Bowls and Silicone Mats from Oré Pet

The vivid colors of Oré Pet‘s new Pop! dog bowls are so cheery and bright, I think they could almost make me feel okay about how much of a mess my pups make when they eat and drink. The nesting sets of bowls (one for food, and one for water… or one for a bigger dog and one for a smaller dog) are made from durable melamine and are dishwasher safe. Pair them with one of Oré’s vibrant coordinating silicone placemats for a cool pop of color – all while handling the dribbles, drops, and mess. Check them out at Oré Pet.




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