We Love Kevin Sarasom’s Photos of Derpy Dogs

Posted: April 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Kevin Sarasom is a Toronto-based photographer who specializes in capturing images of derpy dog expressions. Kevin’s trick to grabbing these eye-catching and smile-inducing pics is to throw treats in the air for the dogs to catch. The outcome is a series of classic portraits with what he calls a “fun twist.” Check out this sample of Kevin’s gloriously derpy pooches.

Kevin Sarasom’s photos capture dogs doing derpy things.

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

He throws treats in the air…

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

And snaps the hilarious canine reactions.

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

There’s a lot of anticipation involved.

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

Determination is a must.

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

Sometimes the shots are action-packed.

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

Other times it’s all about focusing on the treat.

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

High-five anyone?

Photo by Kevin Sarasom

View more of Kevin’s work on his Off Leash Studio Facebook page.

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