Modern Dog Feeders from Howl & Home

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Modern Dog Feeders from Howl & Home

We’re in the midst of an (apparently year-long) laundry room redo, and with all the effort we’re putting into cabinets and walls and appliances, a fresh new modern dog feeder seems necessary. These gorgeous elevated feeders from Howl & Home are definitely in the running. The bent pine base alone is drool-worthy, and I just love the pop of the white porcelain bowls against the wood. Each Howl & Home plywood base is finished with Osmo oil, which is an all-natural, eco-friendly and food-safe wax/oil mixture. The feeders are available in double and single styles and in varying heights. Find one to fit your dog and space at Howl & Home.

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